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Stand Up Resources tackles the tough topics to create a culture where everyone stands up. Each training is approached with professionalism, knowledge, victim centered practices and enthusiasm. The core values of realness, professionalism and victim centered approach direct and define every action.


Anna is an international speaker, writer, podcaster, and designer. She works with law enforcement, victim service agencies, state and local agencies, the Department of Defense, universities, businesses, and organizations to be part of the solution. She is an authority on addressing stalking, sexual assault, suicide prevention, bystander intervention, navigating the criminal justice system, empathy, believability, the importance of multidisciplinary teams, and works to educate people on victim-centered practices. Anna addresses these complex subjects with her energetic nature and positive voice for change, awareness, and justice. 




speaker · writer · activist

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Stalking Expert

Anna Nasset is best known as an international speaker on the subjects of stalking. As a victim/survivor of stalking for the last decade Anna has firsthand experience of how to identify and respond to stalking. She has trained thousands of professionals, students, and military members on the importance or recognizing stalking, getting help, and advocating for ones self and others. 

She is one of very few people who can speak openly about her experience after the man who stalked her received the maximum sentence for stalking, 10 years in prison, in 2019. This is one of the longest known sentences for stalking in USA history. 

Anna is passionate about standing up to stalking. 




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The Mend is back! Season 3 is available now. Click on the icon to the right to see your listening and viewing options. 

For the last two years I've worked with the St. Joseph's Orphanage Restorative Justice Inquiry. Please view their updated website HERE.

Anna is on tour for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. You can follow along with her adventures on Instagram. Click the icon on the right!




Well aren't those some kind words. 

Thank-you to all who attend, learn, share and stand up!


"Anna Nasset told a riveting and compelling person story, which made the crime of stalking real and helped all us of understand the significant and terrible effects on the victims and their families. 


She also discussed the legal and physiological issues  and the entire conference of over 150 were moved, touched, and obtained a  much better and deeper  appreciation of this issue.   Her talked helped all of us be better prepared to help others in this situation."

— Richard Schneider,

President Norwich University

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