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The focus of “The Mend” is to acknowledge the healing process and provide resources not only in our state of Vermont, but through-out the country that could benefit victims of crime as they begin to mend. Each episode will have a different guest, topic and theme.


Guests range from service providers to law enforcement, legal advice and storytellers.  This podcast is a great listen for survivors, providers and their support systems.


During the podcast, Anna utilizes her energy and charisma to draw listeners into her world of strength while sharing encouragement and information. She intertwines her own personal story with real world connections in a special mix of entertainment and enlightenment. Listeners will be offered tools to not only survive but thrive after a traumatic experience.


“The Mend” features interviews with primary sources who have the knowledge and insight to help listeners find the support and services they need in the wake of a traumatic experience. This 30 to 60 minute podcast will be released bi-weekly on or around the first and fifteenth of each month.


The Center for Crime Victim Services is the proud launch partner for “The Mend.” Episodes are released biweekly and can be found on the CCVS website, youtube channel and Apple podcast library. See for details. The CCVS assists crime victims who are Vermont residents or were harmed in Vermont.

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Media and promotion

If you would like to suggest a topic or guest, have a question about past episodes or request a media packet for your office (table tent and cards) please reach out to Anna.

The Mend Podcast
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