In addition to presentations and training, Stand Up Resources offers Case Consultation, Webinars, Writing, Web and Graphic design. Anna’s unique insight has proven invaluable when creating high-impact visuals and informational pieces for victim service agencies, law enforcement, state and local agencies, DoD, universities, businesses and organizations.


Take a look at Anna's victim centered services to learn how she can work for, and with, you.



Summit County PA 

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Vandenburg AF Base


Interested in hosting a virtual learning platform for your organization, base or company?   Anna will collaborate with you to create the best learning opportunity for your audience.  Webinars are flexible, offering educational sessions that last  from 10 minutes to 2 hours of training. 


Reach out to today to learn more about this service, as well as, collaborators that are available to participate.

Additionally Anna is working on a webinar series taking an indepth look at stalking and the importance of multidisciplinary teams.  She will be bringing her story and voice as well as the voices of her entire team over the last decade. 

Graphic & web design


Turning Point

Burlington Community Justice Center


St. Joseph's Restorative Justice Inquiry


Victim centered graphic  and web design is a specialty of Anna’s. Utilizing her vast experience in art and design, she creates powerful designs and web sites that will serve victims/survivors in need, local organizations, and donors all in one.


How does she do it you ask? In addition to creating visuals that inform and comfort her with a professional tone, she has curated the best resources for how to best reach victims in times of trauma.


When needed, Anna also collaborates with long time friend, business development guide and branding wizard, Jordan Eades:

Anna donates one small website per year to the organization of her choosing, please inquire on the parameters. 






Working on first book!

Anna brings her own experience and researched data to the keyboard to provide you with the content you need; providing articles for your organization, business, base or station. Topics include stalking, sexual assault, moving through the criminal justice system, empathy, best practices and the importance of multidisciplinary teams. 




Anna is working on THE book! Details to follow as they emerge.


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10+ confidential cases

Having successfully achieved prosecution against the offender, Anna is often contacted by victims of stalking, advocates and law enforcement on how to approach building a case.  She takes each inquiry with the gravity in which it is sent and decides how she can best help and serve. 


If you are working on a case and need guidance, please reach out and Anna will do her very best to help in any way that she can. 

Dolly and I will be awaiting your call!

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