“Anna served as a speaker at our March 2019  Norwich University conference on title IX issues.  She told a riveting and compelling person story, which made the crime of stalking real and helped all us of understand the significant and terrible effects on the victims and their families.  She also discussed the legal and physiological issues  and the entire conference of over 150 were moved, touched , and obtained a  much better and deeper  appreciation of this issue.   Her talked helped all of us be better prepared to help others in this situation."

                                                                                        - Richard Schneider, President Norwich University


"I have heard Anna speak four times and each time I have gained a further appreciation for the dedication and hard work she has put into journey. Her ability to stand in front of an audience sharing shows strength beyond reproach and it warms my heart with gratitude she is able to share her story. Additionally, as Anna tells her story, one can visualize each experience she shares as she has a enact ability to paint her experience into the minds of the audience. Throughout her presentation, she is sincere, warm, charismatic and funny, able to captivate the audience. More so, she brings out the positive aspects of being recovering victim, the experiences, and the joys she would not have been able to experience if she not had the courage, resilience and support of her team.

She is a true example of how one can rise from being knocked down and stripped of all power one possess to becoming an international speaker and victim rights advocate. Therefore, I would without reservation recommend for anyone to take the opportunity to be present when Anna shares her story."

                       - Daniel Gonzales, DSAACP Credentialed, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

"One of the most impactful speeches I have ever witnessed. Completely genuine and raw. Full transparent story with a great personality."
"Hands down the best presentation, never lost my attention."
"Amazing speaker. I thought it was awesome to have an actual survivor speak on her experience and give insight into her world. Very eye opening and a great learning experience."

                                                                                      - 3 Connecticut National Guard SHARP Responders

“Anna Nasset delivers an impact-filled presentation based on her own story and case study. Her experience highlights the complexities and nuances of stalking related investigations. Constructive takeaways include, communication, team work, strength, and self-determination. Anna’s story is filled with hardship and challenges, but her voice is one of empowerment allowing you to connect with her as a person, not just as a victim/survivor.  As a Detective and former Police Officer in the SA field, I would highly recommend her presentation law enforcement, advocates, and others in the victim services field.”

                                                              - Jesse Sawyer, Detective, Vermont Office of the Attorney General

“I brought Anna to the University of Toledo and she was phenomenal; she was very organized in her presentation, funny, poised, and had the full attention of all in the room.  Her experience needs to be shared with others to show that stalking can happen to anyone, but most importantly she explains how her support team, aside from family and friends, of law enforcement, advocates, and judges never wavered during her ordeal, which made a huge impact on her ability to live life to the fullest.”

                                - Danielle Rominski, Assistant Director of Center Operations, University of Toledo


“Anna spoke at a recent fundraising event for us and was a very poised and powerful speaker. She shared her story with the audience in a way that was captivating and inspiring. The crowd was clearly moved by her presentation.”

                                       -Kelly Dougherty, Executive Director, STEPS (Steps to End Domestic Violence)

“The best presentation of the day. Her experience is powerful and deep. Her experience brought light to the legal system, police interaction and internal/external network system. Anna also displayed a strong sense of hope and resilience. Her presentation was well displayed and organized. This was a amazing presentation.”

                                                                                                                                              - NOVA Participant 

"This was in my opinion the best I have seen. Anna is an amazing speaker - her story is heartbreaking, inspiring and eye opening. She is a force and I thank her for opening up to us. I hope I can convince my people have her come speak at our Prosecutor’s conference in Maine next October."

                                                                                                                                               -NOVA Participant

Photography by Jess Forand

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