"I just love bossy women.  I could be around them all day.  Bossy is not a pejorative term at all.  It means somebody's passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn't mind leading." 

- Amy Poehler

I have written and executed countless marketing plans, budgets, business and strategic plans.  The most effective way to grow is to have a road map to follow, and I delight in creating the road map for each individual organization to ensure success and savings.  By creating a plan and budget you will save money, as you know where each dollar is going and be able to navigate the day-to-day with ease.  Creating a path is key to your organizations success and growth.

We may need to simply write a yearly marketing plan for your organization that details monthly actions, where each advertising dollar is spent, social media schedule and public appearances/events.  However, if your organization is stuck or stagnant we may need to dig further and look at creating a new strategic plan, shift the long term and short-term goals, look at what works and doesn’t and create a new business plan.  I am here to be an outside set of eyes and brain to help you see where changes can be made that lead to great success.

I handle each one of my clients with confidentiality.  When discussing matters surrounding business, non-profits, failures and successes (or let's be honest just about anything!) I think it is imperative to let each client know that I am honored to work with you and hold your business as just that… your business! 

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