"The final staging of healing is using what happened to you to help other people."

- Gloria Steinam 

If you are a victim of crime and find yourself here, I am here for you.  I see you and you are brave.  But I am not a victim advocate, lawyer, mandated reporter, therapist or any other professional service provider.  Therefore the best I can do is point you in the direction of those who can help you report a crime, get help, justice, restitution and freedom.  Below is a list of service agencies in Vermont and nationally.  This list of resources is more specific to stalking as that is the crime I have done the most research on.  I hope this helps you, you can do this!


The Vermont Network for Domestic and Sexual Violence is a great resource for all of the local domestic and sexual violence centers in each county.  These local organizations are where you will want to go to get support from an advocate.  I recommend working with an advocate to be able to navigate the criminal justice system. 




We all know the stress of the build up to an event, the set-up, the execution.  Then there are people like me who thrive off of that “stress” and turn it into calm.  If you have a large fundraiser, or simply need a day of point person to run things smoothly, consider me. My job is to stand back, “behind the curtain”, and do all the small details and problem solving for you and your staff to do the job that you need to do, talk to donors, talk to clients and the be the face of your organization. 

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